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As the demand for content grows, so does the demand for Screenplays.
And, the team at Motion Picture Space has created a safe way for filmmakers to find yours. 

The Screenplay Network is designed for Writers to market their Screenplays by using multiple solutions built into the network.


Let’s begin with the search terms that we've created that help a filmmaker find your screenplay just from using our Key Search:

Language - The motion picture industry is a global business. The Team at Motion Picture Space has taken this into consideration by creating a platform that gives Writers from all over the world the ability to market their screenplays in any languages they may speak.

Format - When we talk about format, we are referring to what type of screenplay a writer has written. Is your screenplay a Motion Picture, Short Film, Mini Series or Student Film? To help your search, we’ve created a format filter; its dropdown menu comes with a list of choices, but if for some reason the format of your screenplay is not on our list, just click on the word “Other” then add the proper format name for your screenplay.

Genre & Sub Genre - One of the most important search terms you must choose for your screenplay is Genre. The Genre search term gives a filmmaker the ability to search for specific films like Action movie, Comedy, Sci-Fi, or Western. The Sub Genre search term that gives the writer the ability to specify details of the Genre. For example, your film may be an Action-Comedy Genre.

Writer's Name Search The Screenplay Network just by entering the writers name into the search. 

Writer's Gender – Something that has become very important in the motion picture industry is acknowledging a person’s gender. So, we thought it would be important give individuals that option.   

Period – The Period search term lets Users know the timeframe of your screenplay.

Zip Code – The Zip Code search gives film makers the ability to find writers and screenplays located anywhere in the U.S. This option is designed for filmmakers to network within their own cities to make a motion picture.


After you have finished with all the search terms related to your screenplay you will then add all the information you would like to showcase on your Screenplay Profile Page.

Representation & Management – Be sure your manager or agent’s information is highlighted here.

Brief Paragraph – Present a brief paragraph about your screenplay here on the Screenplay Profile Page. 

Treatments, Outlines, and Screenplays – Here is the place to upload your Treatments, Outlines or Screenplays. We suggest that you only publish the first Act of your screenplay and allow filmmakers to contact you directly before allowing them to read the rest.

Personal or Presentation Video – The Screenplay Network gives writers the ability to publish personal or presentation videos that they have created on smart devices.

Cast & Crew Acknowledge the Cast & Crew members who helped with the filming of your presentation film uploaded onto the Screenplay Profile Page.

Website Links – Writers who have already published links to other websites can click on the Auto Redirect option that will automatically take Users directly to that website once they click on your search result.

Audible Files - Our network also gives writers the ability to record audible presentations of a Treatment, Outline, or Screenplay.

External Video - Writers can publishing a presentation video or trailer about their screenplay on that are on other streaming networks such as YouTube, Vimeo, just by copying and pasting its URL.

Availability Switch – Writers can take their Screenplay offline at any time just by flipping the availability switch.


The Motion Picture Space Team has created a security system that notifies writers every time a User opens any of your published content. An email notification is sent to the writer with the individuals name, time, and the date that it was opened. This gives writers a written document of all the activity that has transpired on a specific screenplay.

Writers should be prepared to be contacted by agents, producers, directors, and actors looking to produce your screenplay or presentation film for your screenplay if you do not already have one.


Motion Picture Space is not a social media network.

It is a professional space consisting of multiple networks where individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.